Silver Jewelry Buy Back


Regardless of how successful you are, there are always a certain amount of your investment that stays tied up in inventory. Maybe you have been selling for several years and have collected certain items that may be out of style or you just cannot sell. In some cases I have customers that start a jewellery business on a whim and 6 months later realize it is not what they expected. In both these cases, one is likely to have accumulated excess quantities of products that they do not want. It is for this reason I have a Buy-Back program.

One of our customers who participated in the program writes:

Thank you so much for implementing the Buy-Back Program. It is really a relief to be able to liquidate this large amount of inventory. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Just so you know the reason this venture did not work out is because of US, not you. The quality of the jewelry is excellent and you are an accomplished businessman. Also, I appreciate what you are doing for the people of Nepal. Keep up the good work and I wish you much success for the future. — Sincerely, Laura

This program will allow you to send your jewellery to me and I will buy it back. This helps take away some of the worry and risk for folks starting a new business and is a simple way to clear out old stock for those who have been doing this for a while. Here are the terms for the program:

1) I will accept only items that you have bought from me, at the present time.

2) Products returned must be “un-worn” and preferably in original packaging.

3) Products that have tarnished must be polished before being sent back and be in original condition.

4) There is no cut off order date.

5) Only silver-gemstone jewelry products are eligible for this program. Brass, Copper, or items with 100% gemstones and no silver are not eligible at the stated rate (below). If you have such items you want to return please call me in advance for rates.

6) Buy back rate will be on a per gram basis and will fluctuate with the market rate of silver. You must contact me prior to returning the products to learn the current rate.

7) Payments within the United States will usually be made by check. However I reserve the right to pay via paypal based on my discretion. Customers outside of the United States will be paid via Paypal.

8) I am not responsible for items damaged during shipping back to me. I advise you get delivery confirmation and insurance for large quantities.

Please send this form back with your silver jewelry.