On Extended Line Jewelry On Sale Through Friday December 28

EVERY single stunning piece of jewelry in our Extended Line is on-sale through Friday — nearly 3,000 items — discounted by a minimum of 10%. Earrings, Pendants, and Rings … All On Sale. This is an extraordinary value since most of these items are already priced significantly lower than our in-stock jewelry. Orders greater than $1,500 will receive an additional 5% off.Take a look at at some of the beautiful rings, earrings and pendants below. Please allow an extra 2 weeks for delivery and if you need financing take a look at this page. I hope you had/ are having a great holiday season! Sale ends Friday and only one piece of each design is available.


These rings are $4.26!


These rings are $4.59-$5.56!



These rings are $5.25-$5.61!



These rings are $9.17-$9.68

These Pendants are $9.98-$10.28


These Earrings are $9.68-$11.18