United Kingdom

Most items imported into the United Kingdom are subject to duty and VAT.

Importing goods bought on the internet into the UK

Some vendors will boast about fibbing on the customs declaration. This is dangerous for the sellers and for you!Your government will hold you responsible for any inaccuracies. We fill out all forms accurately. Based on feedback from our customers in the UK, often times the smaller Priority Mail parcels will make it to your doorstep without getting VAT and duties assessed. This, however, is something that I cannot guarantee! It is just by chance. My theory is that the handwritten customs forms on the priority packages are more often overlooked by hand-sorters… but I cannot say for sure.

Our standard shipping method to AU is first class mail (7-21 days). We currently charge $13 for this service  and offer priority mail for $33 (4-10 days) and express mail (3-5 days) for $49. See our shipping policies for complete details).

General VAT info

VAT info for businesses

There is a lot of info on the HMRC website. If you are new to importing, don’t feel overwhelmed! In most cases, the parcels we send will reach your doorstep; if a duty is assessed you will be presented with a bill to pay on the spot. Simple!