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Silver PeaceTM is a new brand of jewelry for small businesses and home party specialists, based on socially responsible business practices. The brand was recently launched by Rome Specialties, Inc., a company with 14 years experience as a wholesaler of quality silver gemstone jewelry.

The business philosophy of the parent company has always been to provide its customers with an excellent product and quality service. This concept was put into action through Silver PeaceTM, which provides a way for customers to give back to those less fortunate. Company President Aaron Rome explains, “Many companies today care only about the bottom line. Sliver PeaceTM, however, works only with manufacturers who pledge not to use child labor, treat all their laborers humanely and pay a fair market wage. This corresponds with my own values and I know the sentiment is shared by the majority of our customers.” Through Sliver PeaceTM, resellers donate a portion of their profits to one of the company’s approved charities. As an added incentive Silver PeaceTM will match up to 100% of the reseller’s charitable donation*. The reseller benefits by providing an excellent product to their customers, and the customers feel positive about their buying experience knowing that their purchase can help send a child to school through the Sliver PeaceTM scholarship fund, or help support a women’s economic development program in Nepal.

Sliver PeaceTM offers an ideal solution for the home-based seller. Even though resellers must donate a portion of their sales, they still typically make a 200%-300% markup and can earn a $25 commission for every referral. Unlike more traditional home-party companies, Silver PeaceTM does not provide a product kit on consignment. Instead, they sell the jewelry to the reseller at competitive wholesale prices with a handsome marketing kit to display the products. Though a minimum upfront investment of at least $217 is required, it results in a more viable and lucrative business in the long-term. To get started resellers simply order from the Silver PeaceTM online catalog which includes thousands of products and a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee on the jewelry.

In addition to individuals or established merchants, Sliver PeaceTM provides a great fundraising opportunity for local charitable organizations. The company will match donations to a pre-approved charity* in the reseller’s community. For example, a school PTO could purchase jewelry and a kit from Silver PeaceTM, give all the profits to the school, and Silver PeaceTM would then write a substantial check to the school on top of the money the PTO raises!

The Silver PeaceTM brand is a unique opportunity for existing merchants or individuals who want to start a real part-time business they can feel good about.

* Some terms and conditions apply
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