Approved Charities


These are the funds that supports. You can contribute through our website (Help Nepal). Or use our SilverPeace Brand to market the products and we match your donations. Details on the website.

Artist Scholarship Fund – A fund to help our poorest workers in Nepal and India. Some workers will use the money to help pay for schooling for their children. Others simply need the extra cash to get through slow times in the off-season. Our goal for 2007-2008 is to help 16 children attend school full time, many for the first time.

Women’s Development Fund – Silver Peace works closely with the Empower Dalit Women of Nepal organization (EDWON). This is a tremendously effective and committed group that works directly with the poorest of the poor and disenfranchised in Nepal. Silver Peace directs all donations to the EDWON economic development program. Each $300 raised will help to start a new women’s business cooperative and support group. Every dollar makes a difference! For more info go to

Filters for Families – One of the worst natural disasters in history*** Is under way in South Asia – arsenic poisoning due to natural deposits of arsenic in the region. This organization makes simple but effective arsenic filters that are literally saving the lives of thousands of people in Nepal. All donations to this fund support health and sanitation training that is provided hand-in-hand with the filters. During the next year we are planning to sponsor this program for an entire village.