Helping Others

I am very fortunate to have a successful business that allows me to earn a good living and spend a lot of time with my family. And I feel it is important to operate my business in an ethical way that respects the spirit and drive of our artisan partners and wholesale customers. A couple years ago we started a charitable program and, along with our customers, have donated several thousand dollars to organizations that predominantly work on development issues in Nepal. Our NGO partners including groups that work to help women empower themselves, supply clean water to areas of nepal with arsenic contaminated supplies, and educational sponsorships.

About a year ago we started Рthis is a professionally designed branding program to help our customers market our jewelry products more effectively. It emphasizes social responsibility Рwhich is both a selling point, and, well, the right thing to do! Through the program our customers choose to donate portion of sales to a local charity in their community or one of our approved charities. And we match all contributions (some conditions apply), thus doubling the impact.

Look, I wish I could say I was totally altruistic about all this. The truth is I am only able to do this because I have established a good track record and my first priority is to keep the business going strong, and I do that by working with my customers to help them make their businesses successful. As long as that first objective is met I will do as much as I can to make whatever difference I can in my world. I an not a saint and don’t think I have done enough yet, but I will keep plugging away. Shit, our kids are going to inherit this world, what choice do we really have?!