Customer Spotlight

I have met and gotten to know so many interesting customers through my business that I have decided to dedicate a spot on the blog to profile someone different every month or so.

 Patrick Caskey

Pat has been a customer for several years. He is currently working as a contractor in Iraq on an American base, doing networking.

” I am a fiber optic cable tech. I live and work on the Victoy Base complex. We support the Army here. We maintain install and repair the fiber optic and copper network here on base all that I can tell you about my job they do not let us say much more than that sorry.

Some of the new pieces I have bought from¬†are for a lady I work with for her girls and some are for the guys to get for there wives. The stuff they sell here in the PX is very costly and not as good as what you have. Then the rest of it I will be bring back home when I come home for leave in May for me to sell will I am there. I realy like the sets you now have and have wanted to get some of they so I thought now was as good as time as any. I will get 2 weeks at home and when will be back here till the end of Nov. that is when my contract is up. Right now I do not think I will be doing another year even though I have the options to do up to 3 years. I know a $100k is a lot of money but I do not like being away from my girlfriend this long and time away is hard to make up. Thank you for your help with this order it means a lot to me.”

wholesale jewelry customer

wholesale jewelry customer