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How do you fight the high price of silver while not sacrificing quality and offering your customers stunning artisan jewelry? Infuse your regular sterling silver lines with some of our silver plated pendants. These are NOT cheap (quality)! They are NOT costume jewelry! All our silver plated jewelry is GUARANTEED never to flake or chip, ever. If you ever have a problem simply send back any piece for exchange - even 10 years from now! The silver plated pendants look virtually identical to the same designs in sterling silver. All are STAMPED WITH "SP" on the back so you can clearly see, and communicate with your customers, which pieces are silver plated. Silver plated pendants are about 50-60% less than the same designs in sterling silver. The base metal is BRASS. There is NO nickel or lead in any of our jewelry. All gems in the silver plated pendants are natural - the exact same stones you see in the rest of our lines.

I informally refer to this as our "Paradox Collection" because it's rather an odd thing to combine silver plated jewelry with natural gems. But I have to tell you, they look awesome! Don't be fooled into thinking just because you read "silver plated" that the product is cheap or "costume jewelry". You should definitely disclose to your customers that the jewelry is not sterling silver but then let them decide if they want to pay 1/3 the price for a quality pendant that looks exactly the same as the sterling equivalent!

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