Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Finding the best source

By Aaron Rome

The internet has forever changed the role of the wholesaler. At one point the wholesaler's main role was to act as rep for a local manufacturers seeking to sell their wares to local retail businesses. At other times, the wholesaler may have instead been an importer, even an offshore manufacturer/importer seeking to sell their foreign manufactured jewelry to local businesses. Both these roles still exist, but their importance has diminished.

The internet has removed many international trade barriers and made it easier for retailers to source their products. No more are retailers at the mercy of a domestic wholesaler. Small business owners can now easily search the internet for international manufacturers or wholesalers and source their products at a far cheaper price. This is especially the case with jewelry, with wholesale silver jewelry now sourceable direct from the manufacturer, from international wholesalers or from local wholesalers. Let's evaluate these different options:

The local Wholesale Silver Jewelry Supplier

You can locate domestic jewelry suppliers at local and regional Trade Shows. And if you are an established business, sales reps will often seek you out.
Why source jewelry from a local wholesaler or directly from a Rep?

a. More security.
You are dealing with a local company, and are protected by local laws. It's still not a guarantee that you will receive goods of the quality you expected, but in general it's easier to address problems with a local, rather than overseas business.

b. Look touch Feel.
In some cases, you will be able to actually see the items in the flesh before purchasing, either at a trade show or because an agent comes to your place of business. More and more, this is the exception to the rule and many wholesalers instead move their focus to selling online.

The International Wholesale Silver Jewelry Supplier?

The internet allows jewelry retailers to source jewelry from overseas wholesalers. Often the same or similar items that are being sold locally are available from overseas as well. But why use an offshore jewelry wholesaler? And what is the difference between an international wholesaler and the manufacturer?

a. Price.
An international wholesaler has massively greater economies of scale on their side than the domestic wholesaler. There is no way for a domestic only business focused on wholesale silver jewelry to compete with an international wholesaler.

b.Speed of Delivery.
You'd expect the local wholesaler to be able to deliver faster right? In most cases, this is not the case. Because domestic wholesalers are selling to a smaller market, they often attend trade shows with samples only, then need to manufacture bulk orders for sale. International wholesalers tend to have their products manufactured already and can ship directly after items are ordered. An efficient postal system means that orders can be shipped from the United States to Australia in only 3-4 days for only $35!

c. International Advice
An international wholesaler will be able to provide information on different styles that are doing well in your country, or that are winners elsewhere but not yet released in your country.

d. Legal Recourse
Whilst taking legal action is almost difficult across country borders, consider it impossible if you something goes wrong in some countries. With an international silver jewelry wholesaler based in the US, the UK, Canada or Australia, your legal recourse options are much greater than if you directly purchased say, from Mexico.

Sourcing Wholesale Silver Jewelry Direct from the Manufacturer

Silver jewelry is predominantly made in Asia, and parts of Middle and South America, with many different countries having historically large silver jewelry manufacturing cultures. Going direct to the manufacturer is going to result in even cheaper price than can be arranged by the Internal wholesale right? Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no.

a. Price.
The cost of your jewelry does not come down just to the unit price, it comes down to the number of Items that you receive that are of saleable quality. A cheap price may well become very expensive if many of the items ordered are poorly made, contain inferior silver blends, or are damaged. It's often very difficult or impossible to return items to a manufacturer. And in most cases the local and international wholesalers are better in tune with the western marketplace. In most cases the manufacturers by default push their exotic, heavy jewelry which may look great, but is also very expensive and slower to sell.

a. Minimum Purchases and Overhead Costs.
Manufacturers often require at least 20-30 pieces for each wholesale jewelry design. For most retailers this is not practical. And because shipping from India or Bali to the USA, UK, Canada or Australia typically costs $100-$300 unless you are purchasing $3000+ at a time you lose a lot of the economic benefit of sourcing directly from overseas.

c. Clarity of Communication, surety of result.
Negotiating contracts in countries with a traditional silver jewelry culture, without having local language skills, and without experience in their local business culture can be difficult. Fast Delivery may in fact be 6 weeks. Items you order that are out of stock may simply be replaced with other items that do not sell as well. From my experience it typically takes 6 months to a year to work the kinks out of a relationship with a new manufacturing partner.

d. Comparing Quality
It's most difficult to really know what sort of quality you will receive from an overseas manufacturer, until it lands at your door. On the other hand, wholesale silver jewelry company will have spent a great deal of time sourcing the best quality and priced items.

Summary – So where should you source Wholesale Silver Jewelry then?

Buying jewelry from a domestic-only wholesaler condemns your business to pay more. Sometimes many times more than you could if sourcing items directly from overseas.

Going direct to the manufacturer in a country with a traditional silver jewelry industry can be similarly problematic, because without local business experience doing business in such countries can be very risky.

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