For New Customers

I want to personally thank you for visiting our website. If you take a look around you will notice, I hope, that we are a little different than your typical wholesaler. We don't offer sales, volume discounts or gimmicks. We don't make you bend over backwards to prove you are worthy to buy from us at true wholesale prices. And most importantly, we base our business on trust, exceptional service and the belief that it is our duty to be a good citizen of the world by following ethical business practices and treating each customer the way we want to be treated.

Just to be clear, this site is for the trade only. This is strictly a business to business website. If you think you are going to buy some gifts at a steal, think again! We verify all new customers and can identify those individuals who try to abuse our policy.

A few points that our new customers often wonder about before placing an order:

Is there a minimum order? No.

How do I setup an account? You do not need to set-up an account prior to your first order. When you checkout an account will be setup for you automatically and you will receive instructions, via email, explaining how to utilize our member services.

What services do you offer? In our members area (click the "My Account" tab) you will have access to your order history, and have the ability to leave feedback, download high quality images (see terms below), and even create a custom-catalog for 'pre-sales'. In addition, we provide free advice. The personal connection we create with our customer, in my opinion, is very important to the way we do business.

Are you accessible if I have a problem or question? Absolutely! Our phone number is on every page of the website. As a customer, you can feel free to call with product questions, advice in setting up your business, etc. I am not always able to help, but am happy to share what I know.

How do I know I can trust you? This is a very important question and we encourage our pro-spective customers to learn more about us. We are registered with the Better Business Beaureau of Rhode Island and are also part of the BBB's national reliability program. You may also find feedback from our customers to be useful testimony. before placing an order.

Is your site secure? Yes. our entire checkout process is secured with 128 bit SSL. Translation - you don't have to worry about anyone obtaining your personal or credit card information from our site.

Do you offer volume discounts? No. If you take a good look around at the competition among other wholesale silver jewelry suppliers, you will find that our prices are already lower than most other companies' prices - and to get their lowest prices you often have to make large purchases of over $1000. I think you will also find that our website is much more streamlined, the photos are better and overall value exceeds that of the others. Why do we work this way? We have been selling almost strictly wholesale for close to 7 years. Most of our customers are small to mid-size businesses - many folks are just getting started and need someone to go beyond the traditional supplier-customer relationship. That is what we specialize in. One of the ways we do this is to offer great prices to everyone - regardless of whether your first order is $30 or $3000.

Can I Save My Order and Come Back Later? Your session will last for 48 hours. So, you can spend up to 48 hours creating your order. If you want to save an order, and come back to it later to add or subtract from it, that IS possible. Follow these steps: 1) Add the items you want to the shopping cart. 2) Go through the checkout process and choose "pay by phone" as the payment option. On the next page complete the form which just asks for your address and business info (does NOT prompt for credit card). After this, your order will be saved in our database and we can hold it to you are ready to pay. If you need to make any adjustments to the order, just call Aaron at 401-709-4420. Please keep in mind that products are only reserved for one day. After that your order will still remain on file, but it is possible that some of your selection could sell out of stock.

Where are you located and do you ship to other countries? We are located in Rhode Island, which is between New York and Boston. We ship to any location within the United States and Puerto Rico for a flat rate of $4.99; to Canada, shipping starts at just $6.99 and to all other locationis worldwide including Australia and the UK for $9.99. We are not responsible for customs charges on the customer's end. Many countries (a notable exceiption is Australia - $650 US duty free).

Satisfaction? Guaranteed! You may return anything for refund or exchange (our choice) within 7 days of receipt of the order.

If you have any more questions contact Aaron via email or call me at 401-709-4420.