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About Our Customers

Our Customers are located in all parts of the world. It is really quite fascinating! How do we find each other? Luck? Karma? Google? Or maybe some kind of cosmic combination. I am always amazed when a new customer finds us, and it inspires me to do my best to keep them satisfied and coming back for more.

Do you want to know what our customers think about us? I mean what they really they think of us? We feel that we have a pretty good track record and as such are not afraid to link you DIRECTLY to our un-filtered customer survey results, hosted on SurveyMonkey.com (a leading online survey company). This survey is updated daily and will give you an idea of who are customers are, what they think of our products, \ which products sell best, how much profit they make, what type of business they run, and much more. Why would I want to share this information? Once again, it goes back to our philosphy - treat others as you want to be treated and always look out for your customer's best interest. This survey will illustrate our strengths and some weaknesses, but more importantly it will help you evaluate whether or not you want to do business with us.

.. And here is a bit more about some of our patrons ...


The Seventh Stone

Donna - Coxsackie, NY, United States

I've been in business since 2007 working out of my home. In October of 2010 I opened a brick and mortar shop in Coxsackie, NY. I make and repair jewelry; I'm a custom framer and also sew soft treatments for windows and other accessories for the home. I buy in unique items to sell in my shop such as candles, jewelry, and fair trade products. I do a bit of art and graphic design, as well as offering work by other artists. I have a Facebook page for my business at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Seventh-Stone/184603214907375 and have found that traditional advertising doesn't really work well in a place like Coxsackie, so I do the social media thing, participate in community functions, and local charities always find me to be a willing donor. This business would never have happened without the support of my husband and I'm truly blessed to where I am doing what I love.

SALIKAS' Handcrafted Jewels formerly (Stephanie's Bags & Accessories)

Stephanie K - Detroit, MI, United States

SALIKAS' Handcrafted Jewelry **************************************** SALIKAS' "Elegance Reborn & Redefined" About SALIKAS' SALIKAS is an jewelry and accessories retailer offering a range of high quality jewelry and accessories based in Detroit, Michigan. With the tag-line "Elegance Reborn and Redefined," the company is the brainchild of a fashion aficionado, industry expert and artist with the view to bring original designed top quality jewelry with very special and unique accessories to everyone, not just the privileged few. SALIKAS' offers a diverse jewelry collection, customized art-deco, eco-friendly, fashion foward handbags & unique accessories to suit all occasions and age groups. 313.550.8326 www.salikasjewels.com “Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of one’s chosen form.”

Celestial Silver

Leslie - Brightwood, OR, United States

I have always loved sterling silver and gemstone jewelry - it's earthy feel and look compliments any wardrobe, from casual, business or eveningwear. My passion for gemstones begam when as a young girl my sisters and I began learning crafts such as macrame, crochet and beading. My family has encouraged me to turn my passion for gemstones into a business venture, so here I am. Please enjoy looking through the extensive catalog - I'm sure you'll find something unique for your needs!


Chris & Sandra - Bradenton, FL, United States

My wife & I started selling fashion rings & necklaces on eBay several years ago. Our small family operation took off very quickly and led us to realize our dream, www.CarterTradingCo.com. We now carry a large selection of fine & fashion rings, earrings, necklaces & bracelets in a variety of styles and price ranges. We are so proud of our small success and can't wait to see what the future brings!

nanci - Scottsdale, AZ, United States

nanci - Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Creative Body & Mind.... to enhance, enrich and enlighten, is a unique shopping oasis. Everything we offer was thoughtfully chosen to enhance you physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. We offer Books, CDs, Pure Essential Oils & Blends, Flower Essences, Incense, Healing Crystals, Meditation aids, Chimes, Feng Shui tools, beautiful hanging Crystals, Chakra balancing tools, Louise Hay Card Decks, Inspirational gifts and cards, tools for creating a Sacred Space, Magnets with a Message, and wonderful Crystal Healing Jewelry... just to name a few! We are also honored to offer our "Gifts of Grace" section, which offers books and gifts to help heal the pain of grief from loss or illness. We welcome you to our physical AND online store!

Wind and Wonder

Paula - Redmond, WA, United States

Wind and Wonder is a dream come true! After being laid off with a comfortable cushion before having to run out to find another job, I decided to take the leap and start my own business. Growing up, my father had numerous small businesses and I watched him conceive, build, and grow those ventures my entire life. I worked with him in many of them and it is there that my love of sales and retail was born! I also developed my core business beliefs in that small, family minded environment : Always take care of your customer, love and believe in what you offer, everyone should walk away satisfied, and always take care of your customer. That's there twice on purpose! Wind and Wonder has been in my mind for a long time. I envisioned a place one could retreat to, look forward to visitig. I carry what I love and I hope you find something that speaks to you. I do not yet have a brick-and-mortar store but I will one day. Currently, I can be found on the web, at home parties, and at local conventions and fairs. I love the personal interaction of sales and web sales can be so distant. I love to hear from my customers or even receive comments from visitors :) So please, come visit. Browse. I'd be so happy if you find something to take home and enjoy, but if not know that your visit is appreciated and you are invited to come back anytime!

Spiritual Garden

Marion - 's-Hertogenbosch, , Netherlands


Bette - Oak Park, IL, United States

We are Ed and Bette Roberts, two social security kids trying to make ends meet. We have just launched two websites, BooksRGood.com and RWSilver.com. We are adding photos of the products purchased from Wholesale Gem Shop on our jewelry site and we invite all to pay us a visit. We are hoping to add jewelry craft books on our e-book website and welcome any suggestions you might offer. Thank you.

Purple Sunrise

Rosemary - Hoppers Crossing, VIC, Australia

Purple Sunrise came into being in 2009 when I decided it was time to leave the corporate world with all its craziness and set off on a new adventure. My trigger to leave was the diagnosis of a potentially life threatening illness which western medicine couldn't cure. My adventure includes exploring a range of healing modalities. So far I've discovered meditation, Reiki, Australian Bush Flower Essences, NLP, hypnosis, Angels and crystals. When I find somthing that helps me I want to share it. Purple Sunrise is the tool I use to achieve this.

Handmade For Trade

Donna - Lutherville, MD, United States

Handmade for Trade was created by Brittany and Donna Davis as a website boutique to support and promote Fair Trade and ethical gifts. The online shop joins the hardworking and conscientious Fair Trade community transforming artisans and farmers lives by promoting their products. All of our products are justly produced and each gift ensures ethical treatment and healthy work environments that provide families around the world with food, education, and community necessities. Handmade for Trade strives to reflect the Fair Trade goal of making a difference in others’ lives. Each gift creates a world of opportunity! We hope that our website will offer an exceptional Fair Trade shopping experience and we welcome you to the Fair Trade community!

Hamptons International Market

Lori - Hampton Bays, NY, United States

I sell Designer purses,Fair Trade jewelry,purses,home decor and items created by individual artisans. All my inventory is authentic,unique and high quality.I love the idea of Fair Trade.A customers money can make an actual difference in a person,family or villages' life.It's as close to a perfect transaction that you can get.

Encore Consignment Shop

Pattie - Bremen, IN, United States

We are in a small rural community that is approximately 25 miles south of the University of Notre Dame. We have a large Amish population which boosts our tourism from places like Chicago & Detroit. There are no major discount or department stores within 20 miles of us so we try to offer something for everyone.

My husband and I are originally from Chicago and small town life is great but not when there isn't any place to shop! :) We are an upscale consignment shop that is fairly new, only open 16 months. We have been successful at bringing customers and consignors to our store from up to but not limited to 30 miles in every direction. We even have people who when visiting family and friends from other states, make sure they stop by for a shopping spree before heading home. The jewelry we have purchased to sell in our store from Wholesale Gem shop has helped us to offer even more unique & beautiful "finds." Our customers look forward to what surprises they'll find when they open our doors and these pieces keep them coming back!

DG Designs Jewelry and Supply

danis - Bergheim, TX, United States

DG Designs provides custom jewelry design as well as unique, one of a kind jewelry supplies for the wholesale and retail markets. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Living Serendipity

Lisa - Ashtabula, OH, United States

With life changing events in the past year, I figured I'd better find a way to make a life for myself and my two children. I love my "day job" so I followed that philosophy for my new business. I LOVE unique jewelry so it wasn't a difficult decision. I've just started my business, Living Serendipity...selling mainly to friends and family, but plan to start flea markets and craft fairs soon. I recently decided to add a line of "quote boards" to my inventory. Famous quotes and not-so-famous quotes by famous people. Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny. - Gandhi

Boxcar Bettys Eco Depot

June - Jonesborough, TN, United States

I started Boxcar Betty's Eco Depot two years ago after many years in healthcare leadership. What a great way to have fun at work and make a difference in the world. I sell eco-friendly hand made, recycled, repurposed, and fair trade gift items. If you are ever in Northeast Tennessee stop by our store located in Historic Jonesborough.

black dog design

cindy - east tawas, MI, United States

Hello, I have been married to Charles since 1989, in that same year we also bought a 39ft. sailboat. We lived on her for 12 years, and sailed as far as Venezuela, spent 4 years in the Caribbean. That is my inspiration in making natural gemstone jewelry, seeing all the colors in the ocean has inspired me to use only natural stones and sterling silver, which reminds me of how something pure and simple can be beautiful. I work out of my home and welcome inquiries.Cindy Mullen

Silverlibrium - Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom

Silverlibrium - Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom

This is our online jewellery shop that allows us to share our love of gem set and plain sterling silver jewellery. Have a look at our website and let us know what you think.

AzureBella LLC

Julie - Greenfield Twp, ME, United States

Hello from AzureBella Jewelry! We began this company originally to help out our local food pantry, (through donations) and to create a few jobs in our area since a major employer in the area shut the doors. We have been fortunate enough to find some great companies to help out and are pleased to carry Silver Peace and Made By Survivors.


michelle - springvale, vic, Australia

I started my Gemstone jewelry store last years as a way to make some extra cash and to have some fun. It has been my dream to have my owm business for years and l finally made it happen. My speciality is quality handmade stirling silvers,multi-colored gem stone. Special orders also available. Iam just getting started so let me know how how you like my website.

Kineza INK...born to inspire!

Michele - Darwin, NT, Australia

Chic,sharp & sassy with a touch of bling, Kineza INK is as bold and as striking as the name itself! With a selection of beautiful handbags, sexy shoes & funky jewellery, kineza INK has verve & endows the fashion savvy with attitude that's dressed for success! Handbags, Luggage, Footwear, clothing, accessories, Murano jewellery, Sterling silver & 14KT gold jewellery, soft furnishings & Greek paraphernalia, So when it comes to donning those exquisite bags, stand-out boots and shimmering accessories this season be amongst the fashion leaders of today with those exclusive pieces from Kineza INK.


Gabrielle - Oakland, CA, United States

I started my business last summer as an outgrowth of my love of travel and beautiful things. I sell fair trade products and jewelry - both imported pieces and pieces that I bead with imported components. I am trying to move to an all fair trade model, but it's hard to find the gemstone beads. I give back a portion of the sales of my beaded jewelry by giving customers a mala bag from the Tibetan Nuns Project, which supports nuns living in India as refugees.

C&N Errands Svcs

marie - coram, NY, United States

I'm a registered nurse and I started my business about a year ago, C&N Errands Services. It entails running errands for busy people and the elderly. My specialty and my passion is the companionship service that I provide for the seniors. I send people to their houses to help them with all activities of daily living. This past summer my husband and I went to the Dominican Republic and we noticed that the population has a need for goods, all kinds. We decided to buy wholesale products,clothes and shoes and hire someone to sell them. People started to ask for silver jewelry as well as gold. We did some research on line and came up with your website. When I read about you, My husband and I decided to buy from you for two reasons, your products are nice and we share the same philosophy. We are still searching for gold, but we have not found anything yet. Gold went up, therefore; we are not sure if this is a possibility. Should you know of a wholesaler, please inform us. I'm getting drawn more and more everyday toward jewelry. For starters, we are doing good. Not only do we run the errands business, we are also in line of buying at wholesale prices and re-selling retail as well as wholesale. We are currently setting up an eBay store.

Real Cool Treasures

Wendi - Moorpark, CA, United States

I started my website business last year as a way to earn some extra income. My passion is jewelry, and anything exotic or unusual, and beautiful. I carry an assortment of jewelry, dolls, collectibles and all sorts of other fun stuff! I have worked in the retail business for many years and have always enjoyed finding unusual and interesting items. I'm excited about finding more wonderful items to add to my site! I'm still learning, so please let me know if you have any suggestions, and let me know what you think of my site.

I Can of Cairo, LLC

Selena - Cairo, GA, United States

My husband Sam and I were looking for a place to house our Martial Arts Dojo and found the 105 year old building of our dreams. With 2200 sq.ft. upstairs and down, we decided to persue our dream of owning our own trophy shop. So, one year ago we opened I Can - named for the attitude we teach our Martial Arts Kids!

Cara Luna Jewelry

Janice E - Creston, BC, Canada

Cara Luna Jewelry caters to those who desire unique and beautiful silver and gold jewelry. We specialize in custom design as well as fabulous silver, gold, and gemstone jewelry that is gorgeous and affordable.


Lisa - High Prairie, Alberta,

I have been running a Body Piericng and Jewelery Shop for about 2 1/2 yrs in Canada' high Arctic region. I was a bit of a everything store up there. I have since moved back down to civalization and re-opened my shop a week ago. I sell body piericng jewlery,hip hop and gothic jewlery and fashions. I also like to carry a special line of semi- and preicous jewlery. Things that are different and one of a kind.

Maryann - Coeur d Alene, ID, United States

Maryann - Coeur d Alene, ID, United States

My passion is rock (gem) hunting and lapidary work. I cut, shape, and polish the minerals that I purchase or find on our rock hunting trips. Using these materials to make Jewelry, novelties and more. I also purchase the finished product so that I can provide you with plenty of choices. Only the best for my customers.

Sandee Julz, LLC

Sandra - Tooele, UT, United States

I became unable to walk after a rare bone infection and I contracted a lung disease while in the hospital 4 years ago. I started bending silver wire and making jewelry to sell on the road (Family Jewels). I couldn't make it fast enough and did not know how to solder so I started buying other's jewelry to sell with it. Before long I had enough jewelry and credit (SBA loan)to open a small (getting larger) store. I have recently been given 4-6 years of life before a double lung transplant will be necessary but have some goals to meet first... they are to make my store successful enough to give one or two people a good and fun job, learn to solder, share some of my work with other's and pay off my loans so that this business will help to sustain my family, my wonderful husband and one adopted child (from foster care) that is left at home. Oh! and my 4 beautiful puppies! I admire you that get to travel and see these people that make jewelry when they have little else. I wish I had enough money to help them all! My new business name is Sandee Julz, the strip mall that I rent from made me change it! Nevertheless, my store is about family, there is something for everyone and every member of the most famlies like to be in it! Including the dogs!


Annette - Romford, Essex, United Kingdom

We are a small family run business specialising in jewellery from Nepal. Our aim is to provide good quality jewellery at a fair price.

shirley - fort washington, MD, United States

shirley - fort washington, MD, United States

An Accessories boutique, which is commited to featuring the fashionable, unique and quality accessoires for our clients. We feature bold and unique sterling silver jewelry (some with gemstones)...lambskin Italian leather handbags...handpainted silk ponchos and caftans...knitted mink sweaters and wraps...gorgeous suede wraps and belts..and more


vicky - Everett, WA, United States

Vicky's Place Collectible Art Curio MY ID ON EBAY IS VICKYSPLACE1 AND IS MY WEBSITE URL. I HAVE A GREAT RATING. I OPENED THE STORE IN 2/2007.I HAVE A MY WORLD PAGE THAT CAN BE READ AND A STORE NEWS LETTER TO SEND TO MY CUSTOMERS WHO SIGN UP TO RECEIVE MY NEWS. My store speciality is OFFERING ANTIQUE, VINTAGE, OLD, ARTIST, MODERN ITEMS From "ESTATE SELLS." Collectible Curio of art, book, stamp, clothing, furnishing, dolls, oriental item, plate, jewelry, pictures and figures of animal, angels, collectable shoes and boots and more! EBAY WILL TAKE OUT THE 10% DONATION WHEN A PERSON WINS THE JEWELRY ITEM. MY PHOTO WAS TAKEN BY MY HUSBAND IN AN IRSH PUB IN BUDAPEST, HUNGARY.

Cheeki Fashion Accessories

Samantha - Palmerston, Northern Territory, Australia

Cheeki Fashion Accessories is a locally owned and operated business in Darwin, Australia. We developed our own concept to take the fashion accessories store to peoples door! Thats why we specialise in party plan, private viewings and corporate parties. Our range has expanded from just jewellery to belts, shawls, hand bags and eventually we would like to include shoes (every girls dream come true!) We specialise in sterling silver jewellery with semi precious stones and pearls, glass beaded jewellery and HOT hand bags!

Brenda L. Schooners' sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry Catalogue 2010

Brenda - Bella Coola , B.C.,

Hi, my name is Brenda Schooner, and I live in Bella Coola on the West coast of British Columbia, land of the Great Bear Rainforest.I am into beautiful jewely and wish to offer it to those that love jewelry. You get what you give is my motto.I am a mother, grandmother, and a former gratuate student,planning on furthering my education ,and making an income at the same time . Enjoy, God Bless. "Brenda"

designed by you!

Cindy - Gulf Shores, AL, United States

I have designed and repaired jewelry for 25 years but have always dreamed of owning my own store. We are in Gulf Shores, Alabama and opened Designed By You! last September. We custom design jewelry on-site and are happy to use pieces that you no longer wear. We sketch the design, carve the wax, and cast in yellow or white gold.My signature piece is a handmade sea turtle and I have made them in yellow and white gold. I do not have a web-site yet, but,my wife has a real estate company and I have included her site.

Boutique de Antiqua

Erica - Baton Rouge, LA, United States

My name is Erica Spears. I currently a single mom and full-time student. I am currently pursuing a Business degree and decided to test the waters and open my own online store. I wanted to sell something that was of interest to me, so I decided to sell sterling silver jewelry. I love white metals, so I decided to sell sterling silver because its quality, yet affordable!

Ray of Light Natural Beauty

Victoria - Carmel Valley, CA, United States

Since Victoria was a young girl growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, she was a part of a family who owned Memphis’ largest import/export firm, Blumenfeld Company. Victoria remembers visiting her grandfather, her father and uncles at their plant and one of the rooms was set up with tables that stretched the length of the room. On those tables were products from all over the world. Victoria’s passion for creating her own line of handcrafted jewelry began as a fluke. She was grieving the loss of her grandmother and while window shopping one day in Los Angeles, she came across a bead store. To take her mind off her loss and drawing on her childhood memories of imported colors and designs, she bought a few strands of purple turquoise, a crystal butterfly pendant and some Italian Murano glass beads and made a necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings. Victoria’s family and friends were amazed that she could create something so lovely and suggested she craft one of a kind pieces for high end boutiques in the area. Victoria’s family’s connections to Asia were well established and created the opportunity for Victoria to import items that were high quality, creative and well below wholesale. Her brother, Pete brought back one item from one of his trips to China: Cloisonne. Cloisonne hearts and beads in beautiful, rich colors, which became Victoria’s signature style. Showcasing the beauty of the Cloisonne, Victoria crafted numerous designs of necklaces, bracelets and earrings around the Cloisonne theme, which she sold to 100’s of the finest boutiques, department stores and specialty stores in the country. Fast forward, Victoria started her own company, Vicki’s Fantasies. Her company imported jewelry from all over the world as well as crafted their own original designs. Victoria was asked to be on the panel of UCLA’s Entrepreneurial Women’s conference and she opened a retail store in Santa Monica Canyon. Victoria closed Vicki’s Fantasies five years after opening it due to divorce and moved to Malibu, California with her two children. She became a stay at home Mom and when her children were grown moved again to Carmel, California where she enjoyed 14 years as a successful Realtor. Victoria became a Life Coach in 2006 and was content segwaying out of selling and helping other people reach their goals and aspirations. Thinking she finally had her life’s work behind her and relishing her new found purpose, Victoria’s daughter, Candace, expressed her desire to create and sell handcrafted “natural” jewelry. “It was impossible for me not to get involved, given my background and knowledge of the business, so here we are, another new chapter begins”, says Victoria. “Ray of Light Natural Beauty is different than my last jewelry business yet in many ways the same. Plus I get to work with my daughter who is my best friend. What could be better than this?”

Moonflower Jewelry

Dwana - Riverside, CA, United States

Silversmith and lapidary artist - always learning and getting better.

Astar Jewelry

Rita - Regina, SK, Canada

I started my jewelry business due to the praises of friends. I am very passionate when inspiration strikes and I am always amazed of the outcome of my jewelry. Custom design is my specialty.

American Veteran Gift Shop

Douglas - Chesapeake, VA, United States

Small Disabled American Veteran Business, selling high quality sterling silver jewelry.


Shaza - Sligo, Co Sligo, Ireland

I design and make a range of necklaces and earrings in precious stones, freshwater pearls and sterling silver.I specialise in wedding jewellery and offer a bespoke service which allows customers to co -ordinate suites of jewellery with their bridal fabrics, flowers etc. I also have the Celtic, french, bohemian,classic, love and fairytale and fantasy collections.


jody - salem, OR, United States


Linda - Lakeland, FL, United States

whit wholesale

troy - saltillo , MS, United States

i am in the wholesale building materials business. we started selling on e-bay last year because my wife of 41 is retiring early from a position in fashion which she has had for 20 years. we thought online sales and marketing would be a good supplement to our income. so far our sales have been average and we are at breakeven. hopefully we will be more profitable going forward. this jewelry field is very exciting and fun. now we just need to make money. sincerely troy whitenton.

Wanemah's Gem Jewelry

Wanemah - Swan Valley, MT, United States

I live in a beautiful valley in NW Montana, located approximately 60 miles from the nearest large town. Our family has been here since 1931, but employment is sparse. In order to continue living here I had to find a way of making an extra income and the internet seemed my best bet as it can be run from anywhere. This jewelry site is my chance to continue the lifestyle we love. We are between two wildernesses that we can ride our horses in.


eva - aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

hi guysi am a one man show making jewellery from glass,semi precious stones,glass beads,italian glass. i also sell hand made candles in lovely glass jars with tartan trim on the lids.they are all scottish themed.i wanted to use my spare time to create unusual one off designs that were reasonable in price as where i live the high street jewellers are the publics only option.i have regular customers that purchase once a month.i can make an item for you .one lady was upset that she lost one earring from a set that her family bought her abroad.i made a lovely pendant for her with the remaining earring and now she is one of my best customers.i use silver beads and chains so the item will not contain nicil which can break out the skin.thank you for reading about my journey through ven-jinsa jewellery.

Unique Beads -N- More

Jeanette - Ocala, FL, United States

I design bead jewelry for all (men, women and children). I started Unique Beads -N- More about 15 months ago and it's been all fun. I sell bead jewelry, silver jewelry, handbags, shoes, gowns and evening dresses. I like the elegant and classic look that makes each individual stand out for success and make them a statement of excellence. I sell my products in retail stores, shows and some flea markets. I just love to expose my line to the public, because I love meeting people of same like interest. My Company motto is: "Being Unique Is Just A Life-style". I feel that is very important!!!!


Jessica Anne - Stratton, Western Australia, Australia

i work mainly at events medieval and such planning a permant position but my fav place the military markets burned down in june still hoping it will be rebuilt,, my sister creats individual corsets made to order she also sell direct to a shop in perth called maim i creat my own steel jellery (;

True Spirit Design

Mimi - East Lansing, MI, United States

We make & sell beautiful jewelry and help other female atrisans promte their products by coordinating sales and benefits in our area!

Toad Creek Baubles

Patricia Anne - Black Creek, WI, United States

Things Of Bling

Karen - Melbourne, FL, United States

Please visit our store To B Natural! We carry a large selection of handmade natural soaps and mineral cosmetics,natural gemstone and pearl jewelry with artisan flare and natural soy candles! To B Natural-Just Plain Better For You!

The Write Expression

Diann - Fairfax, VA, United States

Nadia's Gifts and More is a store created by my sister and I who combined our names (Nancy and Diann) and create Nadia, which means "God's Strength". We started this store to offer affordable gift products and ideas that can fit any budget.

The Sycamore Boutique

Angela - Sycamore, IL, United States


KAREN Arianne - WALNUT CREEK, CA, United States

I have been in business now for 17 years. I started in Desktop Publishing where I would create a business image for people just starting up in their business. That included business cards, logo, write their brochures on fancy papers that all came together as their image. I did that for 10 years. I then started collecting jewelry for several years and starting reading everything I could on the jewelery business from gem appreciation to finding out exactly what kind of business I wanted to give my customers. After collecting jewelry I decided I liked to make jewelry besides collecting it and started from there. So here I am now: having my own site to show my wares and the list still goes on as time goes on.

The House of Avalon

Brett - Mission, BC, Canada

The Heavenly Garden LLC

Sharon - Shepherdstown, WV, United States

My name is Sharon Lowrey...I've owned The Heavenly Garden since Aug. 2004. My beautiful store consists of jewelry, books, gifts, CD's and a childrens area. I'm open 6 days a week from 10 am -6 pm.


Sandra - CITY EAST, QLD, Australia

thaidup.com.au - a world of cool! thaidup.com.au was born out of a passion for the funky and affordable - because you shouldn't have to go broke to be cool! But it's not all about bling - thaidup.com.au gives 10% of profits to the great work of Oxfam. Eventually I'd like to partner with Thai charities and support their work through site sales. Watch this space.


Teri - Trussville, AL, United States

When my daughters were much younger I enjoyed selling jewelry and handbags on eBay - now that they are getting older we decided to fulfill a dream of ours by opening our own store with special jewelry and clothing specifically hand-chosen with them in mind! This is a small family business that just moved up to a "brick and mortar" location!


Suzanne - lake park, FL, United States

My inspiration to create unique handmade jewelry comes from many sources, but mostly I look to nature for. I love to make my designs in a way that reflects the beauty and harmony of nature. I am self-taught and inspired by life!

Spiritual Gardens

Michelle - Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand

My aim of my business is to be my own boss, provide good quality products at reasonable prices and provide a web site where one can find the answers to their spiritual needs. My business is fairly new and currently I still have a boss. I have started crystal parties and also guitar lessons for beginners. Later on this year I intead to open a store in NZ and I am searching for products to stock along the spiritual path. I am a spiritual healer and my goal is to have a well balanced life where family, friends and business are very important.


W R - Jacksonville, FL, United States

At Doll's Photo Engraving we engrave photos on pendants! Make them into key Chains and Necklaces These make the perfect personalized gift!!!!!, we also sell Jewelry. Check out our site and email me your favorite photo and let me engrave it on a pendant for you. Email me at dollie@eastlink.ca


John - Eugene, OR, United States

Shop Profile: Shambala is a metaphysical gift shop that focuses on spirituality in any form. We sell statuary and ritual objects created with reverence to grace our homes, rare and semi-precious stones and gems to adorn our bodies. We honor Buddhist, Hindu, Egyptian, Christian, Pagan, Native American and all other traditions to hold sacred all the places we have been and all that we will become. Enchanted by the magical realms? Come delight in our full array of fairies, dragons, griffons, mermaids and much more. We have candles, incense, oils and burners of all kinds. Don't be afraid to ask for something. If we don't have it, we will order it for you. Shambala has space available for classes, workshops, readings and healings of all sorts. Call for an appointment with one of our practitioners or ask how to become one. Whatever your path, wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.

Sakara Bath & Beauty

Paul - st ives, Cornwall, United Kingdom

We sell Luxury Bath & Beauty Products, some free of parabens and organic skin care, also now expanding into jewellery.

Sacred Creations

Marty - Ogden, UT, United States

Being natural rock hounds since birth, it is not surprising (Looking back, that is) that we are now involved with jewelry, gems and such. The whole thing actually took off by accident though! It all began when I found a large London Blue Topaz that I 'knew' belonged on my wifes neck! By the time we were done, we were both so amazed at the stunning result, and how much fun we had doing it - that we just kept on creating items to share with others. Our love of nature, the Earth, and the spiritual connection you can't help but feel - make it a joy and an honor to share these treasures with others. Everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty and energy of Mother Earth's - Sacred Creations!


Lynn - Sagamore Hills, OH, United States

"Rosario's" is a labor of love as I've always loved the "exotic". I hold "seasonal" shows of my work as well as carrying Asian silver jewelry to compliment my personal designs. I am working on my own website and also recruit hostesses for jewelry parties. The jewelry I create has a definate Asian influence which is complimented by the hand tooled silver beads I purchase.

Resale Vintage

Louise - Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

I started selling on ebay on maternity leave. I bought a grease jar for $1.50 and sold it for $140. I was hooked. My inlaws were downsizing and asked me to ebay some items for them, I did. I loved it and they got good money. They told 2 friends, and they told 2 friends, and so on, and so on and now I have a store, an online store and an ebay shop. I have a vintage shop in Westbank, British Columbia, Canada. We sell all things Cool & Collectible. We are also an ebay drop off store and we sell on consignment for ebay. We help people downisizing or with estates to access collectors from all over the world. I also trained with ebay and became an ebay education Specialist for Canada and now teach ebay in house and how to sell online generally via the web using several different sites. www.resalevintage.com


Rolf - Edina, MN, United States

Reiki Spice

Igor - Owatonna, MN, United States

Reiki Practice

Red Rock Country Gifts

Linda - Chino Valley, AZ, United States

My website, Red Rock Country Gifts, has given me the opportunity to earn a little extra money and provided me with a great deal of knowledge on how to operate in the internet world. We sell a great variety of merchandise for your home and garden decorating needs all at very resonable prices.

Posh Bling

Annette - Bragg Creek, AL, Canada

My passion is travel, which we do a lot combined that with my love of good jewelry and Posh Bling was born. My friends and family were spending a fortune on medioca type jewelry. I decided to go and buy from cottage industries and artists that are trying to get their work out there and could supply me with a regular high quality inventory. Mixed in with some cheap and cheerful costume jewelry from China, Posh Bling tries to cater for all types of clientelle. Selling quality affordable priced jewelry from all over the world via our travels is making Posh Bling the website to visit again and again as the stock is always changing. One of a kind pieces and great collectable vintage items. Secure Pay on line and ship to where you need it to be. Gift wrapped no extra cost and one low shipping rate. Specializing in Artisan one of a kind custom made pieces. Sterling silver and costume jewelry. 100% guarenteed.


Fred (Uncle Fred) - Bellingham, WA, United States

For over 40 years I was the CEO of our three family corporations, namely importing foodstuff & wine/beer/liq. from northern Europe. Upon retirement wrote the book 'Making money is simple-Just Boring! - also author the monthly e-letter stock teaching and selecting letter 'Chipping from the rough!' for Investing Systems of Florida. Started selling huge coin collection developed in the mid 1960's and have been experimenting with jewelry, Cd's, etc. I have always hated retirement, always loved business and associating with business folks. By selling on eBay I have created a nice income, even if I don't particularly need it, - the fun at my age is creating. If successful with selling --- where there is renewable resources I may turn it over to one of my sons. I always enjoy e-mails either from subscribers of my e-letter or fellow business folks. At 77 years of age, my advise to you is enjoy life now - it doesn't get any better with age. Have a great life! Uncle Fred PASTCOIN (on eBay & business selling)

Original Skin Boutique

Lisa - San Diego, CA, United States

WELCOME TO SAN DIEGO'S PREMIERE BOUTIQUE DAY SPA! Original Skin and Body Care Boutique at Shearz Salon and day spa offers a menu of therapeutic services ranging from skin treatments to natural nail care and waxing.


manuel - oak city, UT, United States

Our store is based on the team buyers concept popular in China. Groups of buyers get together and bargain for better prices for items they desire to buy. With over 300 products listed now our goal is to have 100,000 top quality products available at teambuyers prices. Why am i doing this? I worked on major motion pictures for 17 years. In November 2005 i suffered a TIA stroke. Now that i am homebound i work at building our online store and my wife keeps things running smooth by working out of the home.

New Island Jewelry

Melanie - Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada

We are a small web based store. We also sell jewelry to raise money for local Hospitals and Charities. 20% of our profit goes to support these causes.


Debra - Langley Park, Durham, United Kingdom

I tried complementary Therapies after my third child Melissa died. Reiki was one of those therapies that shone back the light back into my very dark tunnel. This is the reason why I decided to study and become a Reiki Master/Teacher, A Melody Certified Crystologist, Magical Herbalist and Reflexologist. I then opened a Healing Room based at home. This is also were I provide crystals & jewellery for my clients and my website.

NatureCraft Design Studios

Felicia - Bloomington, IN, United States

NatureCraft Design is an exclusive collection of Artisan Crafted Heirloom Quality Filigree overlay, brass Art Nouveau stampings, gemstone focals, faceted embellishments set in Fine Sterling Silver as Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants and so much more. One of our favorite among customers is our Artisan Filigree Wrapped Skeleton Key (authentic) Pendants that are a treasure to behold embedded with huge Swarovski Crystal Focals, Faceted Beaded Dangles, Natural Gemstones, and Opulant Swarovski or Freshwater Pearls adorn each individual creation. No two are identical, however we painstakingly implement great attention to detail and design, in good fashion to be able to present to you a genuine work of artistic design and affluence. Our Skeleton Keys are crafted here in the U.S. And we will accept custom orders for various designs with a huge variety of Swarovski Crystals and natural gemstones to chose from, created custom according to your personal preference. All filigree designs are crafted using treated Brass Stampings of exceptional quality. NatureCraft Designs takes pride in the fact that all the materials that go into our products are obtained and manufactured in the USA. NatureCraft is also a proud sponsor of 'Silver Peace', a 'Not For Profit' Organization that provides assistance with the basic needs of families living in poverty in Nepal and other third world countries by promoting the Products they have to offer to include Natural Gemstone Bead Strands and related Handi-Crafts, in order to empower the impoverished and their families toward independence. All of our 'Silver Peace' merchandise is Hand Crafted by Nepalese Artisans and helps to enable them to live a better life and be more self reliant, as well as provide the bare necessities like food, medical care, and clothing for their families. A portion of these proceeds will go directly to 'Silver Peace', so please give generously. More information about this effort can be found on this site, or you may visit 'Silver Peace' and the efforts of the Organization at www.silverpeace.org.

Mother Stones Jewellery

Leanna M - Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

I started Mother Stones Jewellery Designs because I was not impressed with the Quality in workmanship,the lies about being told the product was sterling silver or had real semi-precious stones in it.I am allergic to inferior metals and did not like what I found.Now I make my own high quality semi-precious stone and sterling silver jewellery(mostly one of a kind peices)and My customers and I are very pleased.I also Import some jewellery from Nepal.The jewellery from Nepal is hand crafted with sterling silver and the best hand set stones.The peices are breath taking and at very reasonable prices too.Thank you for visiting my site please come again soon.

Montreal Health Products

chris - Toledo, OH, United States

I sell unique and very effective health supplements, nutritional products, jewelery, and name brand fine fragrances.

Meeru's House of India

laura - waterloo, NY, United States

My best friend and I opened our store last year after 2 long years of planning. We mostly import authentic items from India including ayurvedic skincare, clothing, textiles, jewelry, purses, unique gift items and so much more. It has been a lot of hard work to get to where we are today but well worth it. Our latest project is setting up an online store. Hopefully we will have it done soon!

Margaret's Gifts

Margarita - Adkins, TX, United States

I am married to a boat engineer and we make a decent living. But I always wanted to suceed in my own business and ministry. Though I Sell "World Of Products" Catalog items, I like to focus on the Inspirational and Faith based products. Maybe If the right opportunity arises, I'll open my own shop.


Helen - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

I became interested in crystals and gemstones about 4 years ago through my reiki group and started buying gemstone jewellery for myself and friends. My interest grew and about a year ago I started selling on eBay and recently launched my own website. My daughter also does jewellery parties in the Stratford-upon-Avon area of the UK, where we live.

Lone Star Gemstones by Sturdevant

Wayne - San Antonio, TX, United States

Freelance: ~Lapidarist ~Technical Writer ~Instructional Designer ~Business and Technical Writer ~Rep for PrePaid Legal Services ~Rep for IdentityTheft Shield ~Rep for your business Credit Card Services ~and general all-around good guy!

Lisa's Crystal Creations

Lisa - Fresh Meadows, NY, United States

I design jewelry using sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals. I do hope shows and craft fairs.

King N Queens Jewelry

allan - Daytona Beach, FL, United States


Lynne - Sellersville, PA, United States

Our website is www.keepstreet.com sells 1200 unique decorative switchplates... as well as our ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/keepstreetcom Previously, my husband & I made & sold jewelry at Craft Show in Rancocas, NJ

Johnson's Custom Crafts

Cecelia - Richmond, CA, United States

Johnson's Custom Crafts was started over 26 years ago when my husband Willie's construction job's 2-week layoff turned into 8 months. We found that the business not only provided for our family of six, but it provided an outlet for our creative expressions. Although we sell ready-made products, our specialty is custom work....tshirts, mugs, etched mirror, jewelry, dolls, murals, etc. To have your items custom-made, simply go to our website at www.johnsoncrafts.com and click on "Custom Orders"

Jewelry by Claudette

Claudette - Biloxi, MS, United States

I sell handcrafted jewelry. I have three main jewelry collections. Jewelry by Claudette- From my hand to your Heart is trademarked and copyrighted. The jewelry Colletions are : The Katrina Collection- featuring the Katrina Bracelet. I live on the Ms Gulf Coast and was a vitim of Hurricane Katrina- losing my art gallery to the storm. Thhis collection is very dear to those that live here in the Gulf Coast Region. The Bay Bay NOrth Collection- Which was influenced by my love of the beach and the laid back living her on the coast; The Sho Nuff Giid Lookin Collection deplicts many beautiful stones and crystals in each design. I have started to make the Katrina Bookmark which should be ready veryvery soon. My website is under construction but will soon be up and runiing under www.jewelrybyclaudette.com. I have featured many of my best sellers and highlightefd the Katrina Collection and Bracelet.

Jennifer Laine's

Jennifer - anchorage, AK, United States

Hi my name is Jennifer. I am currently a piping designer.I make jewerly and also order pieces I find are good buys yet still have the quality I find important. My goal is to build an inventory over the next year or two in order to retire from the engineering business and sell my jewerly.

Janie's Jewelry Box

Pam - Harveys Lake, PA, United States

We have a customer base that expects unique, quality jewelry, at a reasonable price. We believe strongly in good customer service and that serves us well. As a family business, we frequently find interesting pieces while travelling to other countries and cultures and enjoy meeting the artists who make unusual and beautiful products. At present, we do not have an internet website: We've been too busy locally, but, we will have one sometime this year.

Inner Sanctuary

Georgie - Carmel Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Welcome to this exclusive website. If ,like me you enjoy sexy ,classy and fashionable jewellery then sit back and enjoy the journey.The very reasonable prices allow you to shop at home and still experience a bargain. If however you enjoy to socialise then allow us to create a party plan. Examine the unmatched quality of craftmanship with no pressure to buy. Party host receive a generous gift, guest receive special discounts. Inner Sanctuary pledges to donate a percentage of gross profits to Silver Peace who give to needy charities. Women often feel guilty when they treat themselves, now you can buy that beautiful cosmic crystal in a sparkling silver setting knowing you are helping the less fortunate

Gypsy Wares

Susan - Commerce, GA, United States

Unique and well crafted goods; organic materials. Some vintage items from clothing, furs, jewelry and accessories

Grouse Ridge Farms Ltd

Deborah G - Medford, NY, United States

I started selling Horses at an early age, I think the first one I bought and sold I was 14. I'm a rider and I love horses.That became a business for me while I was attending collage,then became my passion and career.... that was 40 years ago. I have a great sales [horse] business but I always like to give beautiful unusual gifts even when I was young and didn't make a lot of money. I learned to find beautiful things that were very reasonable and then wrap them like they were "gems". Horsepeople love a certain kind of look, they like Turquoise and real nice silver bracelets etc. I started thinking that this would be a great side business. Voila! I started my jewelry business looking for things I knew the "Horse Girls" around the barns would love. Cuff bracelets[you can't have things horse equipment would get caught on, Rings that laid a little flatter, etc. It was a small but overnight success. First I had a loyal following of customers from the first business so the trust factor was there.[I believe in high ethics and intergity in business so all my sales were based on that concept] . As I got older I realized I was going to never retire from horses [but I can't do what I did 40 years ago].I'd still have to have something to do that would allow me to still be near the horses without actually riding otherwise I'd go crazy. I started this side business and am hoping it will allow me to stay active well into my later years by doing sales at the horseshows and at my shop at the stables.The younger ladies can train the horses!I'll buy and sell them and Jewelry aand gifts too!Finding a good supplier whose business ethics matched mine was the key!Although stil small It is growing monthly and the Gemstone jewelry items are the cornerstones of my displays.

Greetings N Things

Joette - Matamoras, PA, United States

Fine Gifts, Cards, Balloons and Gift Baskets, authorized Yankee Candle Dealer, personalized gift giving services available, just shop on line, pick your gifts, call and we'll wrap them, sign the card, ship and track for you!!


Susan - Sarasota, FL, United States

I design gemstone and pewter jewelry that combines classic proportions with unusual types of stones, cuts and color combinations. The aim is fashion solutions: jewelry that enhances the clothes and looks worn by real women in their everyday and dressy lives. Looks like it came from a fine jewelry store, but at a very affordable price point. Have been designing own line since 2000. Primarily sell at farmers markets and select craft shows and fundraising luncheons and fashion shows (in CO, FL, NJ, and NY).

Gifts of Gaia

Scott - Orchard Park, NY, United States

Gifts of Gaia- "Gaia" meaning Goddess of the Earth (Thus gifts from Mother Earth. I am a Master Gardener and herbalist. I started my business with no income other than doing garden work for people and buying stock a little at a time. I carry Gemstone Jewelry, floating Chakra necklaces that I make, herbal supplements, herbal teas. I also make Herbal Dream pillows and I have a "Fairy" theme going on so I sell Faerie Glen Collectables and other fairy items. My brick and mortar store is also a Holistic center where I practice Reiki Healing, Detox Foot Spa treatments, and will soon be certified in Reflexology. I have Yoga classes and Speakers on different topics available. Essential Oils and Flower Essences are also another available healing modality that I have some knowledge in, as well as carry these products in my store. I do not have a website yet, but hope to figure that out in the near future with some help!

Fresh Hatchlings

Susan - Oconomowoc, WI, United States

I spent 20+ years as a professional speaker and corporate consultant - my own business www.gotosusan.com While going through chemo 4 years ago, a friend suggested making jewelry. I told her I hated stuff like that. Well, took to it right from the start. Now, I design, create and sell. Because I want time for our grandkids, I do a few in-home and outdoor shows per year. And, design for friends, family, and loyal customers.

Embrace Her Gift Bags By Tara

Tara - Carlsbad, CA, United States

My name is Tara Stockton and I design elegant gift bags for women. Each gift bag includes beatuiful gifts inside including women's apparal, books, journals, jewelry and milk chocolate candy. Gift bags can be custom designed for a special event or individual.


Patricia - Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

EarringArtistry.com specializes in the most diverse selection earrings, personal ear piercing products and jewelry available online. Sterling silver jewelry, fine jewelry, solid gold jewelry, children's jewelry, plus ear piercing kits from Coren, Inverness, Studex and MediSept.


Gina M. - Gloucester, MA, United States

ABOUT ME: I started selling jewelry in hopes to generate some extra income for my family. The flexibility can't be beat. I am a stay-at-home mom,(I actually work part time evenings), but for the most part, I take care of my 3 children, my husband, my house, and a dog named "Willie". As most girly-girl's, I love sterling silver jewelry, so I figured why not try selling something that I think other people will enjoy too! Keep in mind, this is still a new venture for me, please let me know how you like my site. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me.

De'esse Boutique

Angela - DeKalb, IL, United States

We are a specialty retailer that manufacturers much of what we sell. We specialize in more natural products using Shea butter and essential oils and offer custom scented bath and body products. We also have an extensive fragrance line in perfume oils and hand-poured soy candles. We do crystal jewelry too !

Daffy Dave's GemStone Jewelry Shop

David - Auburn, PA, United States

Crystals International

Wilhelmina - Melton, Vic, Australia

My daughter and I ventured into crystals through our spiritual learning. We believe in the healing properties of crystals and have a deep respect for Mother Earth and all she gives life to. Crystals are not just rocks or products to us. We wanted to share the inspiration, magic and healing with all who are interested, and so decided to offer our "A" grade quality crystals and crystal jewellry, which we have sourced from around the world, so that everyone can learn about the amazing energies that these crystals offer.

Circle of Stones Jewelry & Apparel

Linda M - Austin, TX, United States


Sean - Enniscorthy, Wexford, Ireland

Fine Jewellery Silver and Gold for all ocassions

Celtic Stars Biiks and Gifts

Cheryl - Mesa, AZ, United States

I am a Healer and Psychic Reader featuring Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Incense, Tumbled Gemstones, Gemstone Clusters, Soy Candles and Gifts for ALL Ages.

Caspian Gift

Kambiz - La Habra, CA, United States

bold jewelry

Sherry - Milton, VT, United States

I started my business 9 years ago, I was buying on ebay and kept sending back my jewelry and saying I wanted bigger stones, the woman finally pointed me in a direction to start doing this myself. The jewelry business is actually my part time job that has turned full time. I specialize in Mt St Helens jewelry, Star Sapphire jewelry and Bloodstone jewelry in both silver and I can do gold.

Bodhisattva Inc

Kendra - Largo, FL, United States

I'm a New Age Retail Store owner. Unique, Cultural, Spiritual, Fantasy, Gothic and everything in between Products, Gifts & Supplies. We were established in 2004 and are opening up our second store location, "Sacred Spaces" in one month. We're located in Florida but also do sales world wide with internet based sales. We are fresh & fabulous keeping our focus on superb customer satisfaction and exciting product lines.

Bentley's Designs

Raina - Katy, TX, United States

Our company was created by a Mother-Daughter team. We love to do "crafty" things and we decided to start selling our jewelry. We love what we do and it keeps the family bonds strong.

Bear Essentials

Donna - Salmon, ID, United States

Bear Essentials is a retail store specializing in a wide variety of high quality western/mountain home interiors,and gifts. Bath and Body, candles and fine jewelry as well as baby gifts and huckleberry goodies. The shop has been in business for 6 years and recently moved to a Main Street prime location. The store logo is a registered trademark.

Beads by the Bay

Susan - Morro Bay, CA, United States

When my work as an archaeologist wasn't making ends meet, I decided to buy the local bead business--a sweet little funky shop with a beautiful garden. We try to have enough variety of inventory (stone, glass, pearl, trade, seed beads, etc.) to satisfy all kinds of beaders, and also carry beautiful rocks and crystals for healing or collecting.

Baskets & Gifts by Yadyra 2

Yadyra - Freeport, NY, United States

We sell gifts for all occasions, we also have to Home Decor, Candles, Frames, Inspirational Gifts, Gifts for hi, for her for the entire family and much more. Visit us at BasketsAndGiftsByYadyra2.com



We are a small family business located in Adelaide, South Australia. Bali Dreaming Sales are via website, ebay and market stalls at this stage. I also offer an in home shopping experience with a minimum of 6 people attending. We offer a selection of silver jewellery, handbags, sarongs, casual beachwear & asian stlye homewares.... and more to come! We have a special fondness for Bali & its people after various trips there. We now assist in sponsorship of balinese children which enables them to access education. For more information or if your interested in sponsorship see: http://www.helenflavelfoundation.org/ THanks and we look forward to doing business with you Nicki & Matt

Aubelsbeth's Little Merchant Shop

Dawn - Fort Hood, TX, United States

Catering to the arts and sciences of the Society of Creative Anachronism. We recreate the periodsof the middle ages 500ad-1600ad. Spinning, Knitting, Weaving, and Costume construction are our strongest focus in our shop.

Artisans of Morocco

Hafid - Glendale, WI, United States

Milwaukee based retailer and wholesaler of Moroccan handmade items including furniture, lamps and lanterns, pottery, jewlery, thuya wood and much more.

Amulet Gems & Jewelry LLC

Valerie - Galena, MO, United States

I have always been fascinated by the magic of gems, metals , and minerals. I went through the Graduate Gemologist program that the Gemological Institute of America offers, and received my diploma in December 2007. I want to be able to live the dream of making my passion "my job", doing something I love! I also make custom jewelry, casting and fabrication in gold and silver, as well as gemstone cutting and faceting. If you could tell me a little about yourself, or the person you are buying for, it will help me to choose something special for you!

AG Accessories

AG Accessories - Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Retail silver and semi-Precious gem stones jewelries store in Singapore + Numerology Reading with Crystal Stones

adena pathways llc

roberta - clendenin, WV, United States

Adena Pathways llc. is a Metaphysical/Native American Spiritual Giftshop. We have an array of items including Drums, Candles, Smudging Supplies, Digerdoos, Flutes, T-Shirts, Dreamcatchers, Herbs, Tarot Decks, Books, Greeting Cards, Art Prints, Crystals, Stones, Incense and of course beautiful Jewelry. That's just the short list we have many more exciting gifts.

a mystical touch

deanna - norwich, NY, United States

We have been in bussienss for 18 years. Our first store is a pet shop called The Fish Bowl, has been around for about 40 years all together. Our second store is called A Mystical Touch & has been in business for 10 years, We carrier Greatful Dead, Incense, Oils. Tyedyes, Indian clothing, & much more. We enjoy being self employed very much.

Ruth Maureen - Dumont, IA, United States

Ruth Maureen - Dumont, IA, United States

Great Variety Of Rings And Jewelry. Genuine Gemstones, Russian Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski Crystal, set in Sterling Silver, Layered Gold And Rhodium Plate. Freemason Rings! Quality Always! Free Shipping Within USA Foreign..Combine Orders For Priority International Flat Rate Envelope

Fawn - Jamestown, PA, United States

Fawn - Jamestown, PA, United States

I am self employed and into Health & Wellness. My mission is to serve others to promote good health and the opportunity for an abundant life. I found this company FreeLife International that believes in integrity, no smoke screens, no big promises, just an honest reliable company that cares about their marketing executives and their product. FreeLife International offers the only Standardized Himalayan Goji Juice there is and is pack with powerful antioxidants that helps the bodies immune system. Himalayan Goji Juice is the ONLY ONE with Dr. Earl Mindell Spectral Signature. Don’t be fooled by the others buy the real Himalayan Goji Juice and start living again.

Russell - Calumet, MI, United States

Russell - Calumet, MI, United States

My wife & I took a huge leap of faith by starting our online silver jewelry store. My wife, Laura, has MS and her condition is worsening to where she needs a caregiver. We are hoping that our re-selling of sterling silver jewelry will provide us with a sufficient income so that I may "retire" from my traditional job and be able to work from home so that I can be there for my wife. She has put in a huge amount of time on developing our website, and continues to devote 2-3 hrs per day researching wholesalers and improving our website. She also creates beaded collars for cats and small dogs, which can also be purchased through our website. Please visit our website and let us know what you think!

Ms. Norlin - Carrum, Victoria, Australia

Ms. Norlin - Carrum, Victoria, Australia

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are a party plan company selling exquisite bags, jewellery and accessories. You can also shop online and we have recently launched the new E-Party for our interstate & international customers. Go to our website and check out what it's all about!



Artist’s Statement My background is Human Resources and HRIS consulting. I always knew I had “people skills,” but I was sure I wasn’t the slightest bit artistic. After thinking about Mosaic art for a number of years I decided to take a class. The class took place about 2 ½ years ago and the rest seems to be history. Using flowers in my art is my passion. Flowers are perfect for the medium of Mosaics. The diversity of glass lends itself to patterns shapes in flowers and translates very well to Mosaics. My work combines strong design and delicate detail and I often incorporate experimental techniques to add novelty and variety to my art. Mosaics allow me to combine my love of color with a wide range of glass textures to create soft and vibrant and sometimes a 3D effect. Selected Exhibitions and Awards 2007 The Loft @ Art Object Gallery 2006 ArtMirage Gallery,PaloAlto,CA currently on display) 2006 The Great American Framing Co. and Gallery (currently on display) 2006 Los Altos Library, Los Altos, 3rd Place-Mixed Media 2006 Los Altos Cafe and Bookstore, Los Altos, 3rd Place-Mixed Media 2006 Downey Savings, Mountain View 2005 Los Altos Library, Los Altos, 3rd Place-Mixed Media 2005 The Elizabeth Gamble House, Palo Alto, Spring Boutique 2004 The Elizabeth Gamble House, Palo Alto, Spring Boutique Affiliations Silicon Valley Open Studios The Los Altos Art Club Peninsula Open Studios Bay Area Arts Contact Information E-Mail:justcreativeartink@sbcglobal.net Website: justcreativeartink.com

Leslie - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Leslie - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

My business is for the working class people. I keep my prices low so everyone that wants a nice piece of jewellery can afford it. I have sets of jewellery that I donate for different causes as fundraisers. I fully support the Breast Cancer Association as I am a three time cancer survivor. I support the Heart Foundation as I also have heart problems. The list does go on. I have been nominated as woman of the year for 2007, quite an honour. I did not win but I evidently came in second place not far behind the woman whom won. But for all the adversity that the woman who won has gone through and for what she does for the community she more than deserves the title. I am just a humble person, trying to add a few funds to a meger government disability pension. I would rather pass on savings to my customers than charge more than necessary. This way everyone is happy.

Gina - Millville, PA, United States

Gina - Millville, PA, United States

I got started selling sterling silver because my husband had gotten me a pair of sterling silver earrings at a local jewelry shop. He said that he had paid $33.00 on the discount shelf of this store. Then one day I was looking on the net to buy rings for my 5 daughters and found Silvergemshops site. There was a pair of earrings that looked like the ones my husband had bought me. I thought no one should have to pay those big store prices. Then I took the plunge around 3 years ago. I think my first purchase was 100 rings. I thought I can do this. Well the rest is history. Now, my husband and I go to craft shows, festivals, and farmers markets. We both work fulltime jobs. I am a bank teller by day. So thank you. Gina Reese

Valerie - Costa Mesa, CA, United States

Valerie - Costa Mesa, CA, United States

My store, Grendel's Grotto, is just picking up and I really enjoy what I am doing. I try to give the best possible deals to my customers and do not make a huge profit. I sell jewelry, children's clothing, used books, women's clothing and shoes among other things. The jewelry is mostly new and the clothing is often used, but in really good condition. Take a look and let me know what you think. any suggestions are most welcome.

christine - King George, VA, United States

christine - King George, VA, United States

I wanted to offer womens accessories Gifts--handbags, jewelry. Trendy, classy, better quality...@ reasonable price. Christine@JolinBoutique.com

Larry - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Larry - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

It is our love of the industry, and the drive to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction which drives our company. We search and buy world-wide, and are proud to offer only the highest quality Sterling Silver Jewelry while maintaining our strict levels of quality, and fashion. We have been in the Jewelry Industry for years, and have now expanded our reach by using the Internet, we look forward to continued growth, and the pleasure of serving many more customers. I would like to close by thanking all of our valued customers, and treasure the thought of serving you again. Regards to All. Larry and Vicki

Melinda - York, PA, United States

Melinda - York, PA, United States

We are a couple of moms who simply want to help other moms feel glamorous, on a family-friendly budget. It's such a wonderful way to feel good about yourself and maybe dress up a pair of jeans that have been through the wash a few too many times!

Kathy - Aurora, CO, United States

Kathy - Aurora, CO, United States

As a child I had a rock tumbler and collected stones every chance I got. It was only natural then when I came up with the idea of The Crystal Caravan 11 years ago as a way to break out of the corporate job and into something I really enjoy. Today the website specializes in crystals and minerals with over 50 tumbled stones and dozens of rough minerals. We've also got meditation cd's, jewelry, books, incense & great gifts for everyone.

Alexandra - Aldermaston, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Alexandra - Aldermaston, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Market & craft Fair Trader in; sterling silver amber/fashion necklaces/pendants/earrings/rings. Glass handmade pendants/necklaces/earrings. Sterling silver & 9ct/10ct/14ct yellow gold chains. Beaded jewellery in sterling silver/ 9ct gold /gold & silver plated. Next year we are hopeing to start trading online and via mail order,so our jewellery range should be growing soon. We also make specialist jewellery to order.

anthony - skegness, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

anthony - skegness, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

i buy and sell silver, and clean silver for over 40 years, i sell and manufacture cleaning plates, we are a small run business based in lincolnshire UK,

Teague - Burley, ID, United States

Teague - Burley, ID, United States

TED - Tumut, New South Wales, Australia

TED - Tumut, New South Wales, Australia

I rehash old jewellery I have apenchant for all things silver I sell on e-bay and at markets and fairs through out NSW Australia

Nora - Wausau, WI, United States

Nora - Wausau, WI, United States

I am a Student (Social Worker) and working full time (during the summer)at Menards. I love this jewelry and can't wait to sell it to my friends and family.

Dorothy - Princeton, WV, United States

Dorothy - Princeton, WV, United States

Black Rock Originals is a small family owned business based in the Appalachian Mtns. Appalachian folk are known for their strong work ethics and pride in their fair business standards going back many generations. Our aim is to provide beautiful, quality products that the average person can buy without breaking their pocketbooks.

Gem - East Hanover, NJ, United States

Gem - East Hanover, NJ, United States

Affordable sterling silver & gemstone jewelry

Yol - Weaverville, NC, United States

Yol - Weaverville, NC, United States

I am a designer. I design custom Gemstone Jewelry and Chakra Jewelry for healing, and also do creative Graphic Design, Collage and Artwork that you can purchase framed or printed on t-shirts and gifts. All my designs are inspired by the Yoga, Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions, ethnic cultures and spiritual concepts.

Sarah - Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Sarah - Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Hi my hobby is manufacturing jewellery in order to support my passion I decided to set up a wesite (due to go live over the next week)selling jewellery made by the professionals! And hopefully one day a bit of my own product, I am a new at this so all feedback on my site would be greatfully recieved, Sarah

Sandra - West Islip, NY, United States

Sandra - West Islip, NY, United States

I make fine handcrafted jewelry, mostly from semi-precious stones, precious metals and Swarovski crystals. I started making jewelry a few years ago, after the birth of my second daughter. It started out as gifts for family and friends, then flourished into home parties, craft fairs, fund raiser events, referals and custom orders. Most of my designs are one of a kind, although I have duplicated certain custom pieces upon request. Making jewelry is my serene outlet from the hustle and bsutle of every day life. My website is currenlty being built, but should be up and running by the end of October 2007.

Ryan - Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Ryan - Virginia Beach, VA, United States

I am an e-bayer. I carry all Sterling Jewelry, anything that fancies me at the moment. I also carry a gift line and metaphysical items. I am in the midst of putting together my online shop, but it's taking a while. I've been selling off and on since 1992 and I've been doing exclusively E-bay for about 6 months now.

Michon - Orlando, FL, United States

Michon - Orlando, FL, United States

Everything "PHAT" is covered here. Always looking for unique items for the best value for our customers. Specializing in a full-line of leather goods for men and women, jewelry, and much more! Merchandise changes weekly.

Christina - Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Christina - Pittsburgh, PA, United States

I started out making friendship bracelets in high school and have progressed to regular jewelry making for relaxation over the years. I usually give it away but my husband is making me try to sell it to recoupe the cost of materials :). Watch out craft fairs here I come!

Desiree - Pocasset, MA, United States

Desiree - Pocasset, MA, United States

I have an eclectic little store tucked inside of the Woods Hole Inn, located in Woods Hole, Ma. I sell soaps, candles, incense, jewely, leather pouches, india type clothes, crystals, loose teas and herbs, etc. I make about half of what I sell too! I am opened with seasonal hours, April thru Dec. Come and and visit any time yoiu are on the cape, I love meeting people from all over. Desirée

Richard - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Richard - Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Shipwrecked Treasures is my first company. All the jewellery is 999 silver, some is enamled over top. For the most part I can create anything you can dream of. Most of my pieces are one of a kind. I am also just starting another company called Solus and it deals with high end diamonds - anywhere from 1/2 c - 6 c. or even more in some instances.

Tommy - Falls Church, VA,

Tommy - Falls Church, VA,

Sell and make hand crafted art jewelry, polymer claybeads, crochet art dolls and more.

Barbara - Riverview, FL, United States

Barbara - Riverview, FL, United States

Marketing,Advertising, Shopping, Income Opportunity's, # 1 Paid to Surf, Affiliates. I am Bringing Top Income Opportunity's with honest dedicated teams and Businesses to help everyone, like yourself achieve success through years of research and over $100,000 invested. There is more than meets the eye here. With Conference rooms for you to use for your customers Free. Please check out FMFW (For men forwomen) on my site!

Phillip - Onalaska, WA, United States

Phillip - Onalaska, WA, United States

I got the idea to sell handmade jewelry from around the world when I won an auction on eBay for some Peruvian stuff. Since then, that supplier disappeared, but I found the Wholesalegemshop and have been doing good business with them for close to nine months now.

charity - mayfield, OH, United States

charity - mayfield, OH, United States

Mystic Memories Has Been Selected By Famous Fantasy Artist Jessica Galbreth To Design An Exclusive Line Of Richly Scented Perfume Oils, Lotions & Shower Gels Based On Jessica‘s Favorite Paintings! This Is Our Top Of The Line Collection & These Signature Scents Contain Our Finest, Highest Quality Oils! They Are Each Hand-Blended & Packaged Fresh To Order To Ensure The Highest Quality Of Fragrance Is Delivered To You Each Time You Order! We Are Truly Honored & Excited About This New Collection! Check Them Out Today!

Lori - Sanford, FL, United States

Lori - Sanford, FL, United States

I love finding beautiful and unusual pieces for my customers! My goal is to fill my customers' world with beauty!

Cole - leven, Fife, United Kingdom

Cole - leven, Fife, United Kingdom

We are suppliers of new age and wiccan goods . We offer spells cast into the jewellery as additional extra as well as seperate jewellery sales

Angela - Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

Angela - Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

Floreo for Women create and source inspirational gifts for women of all ages. Using only the finest quality ingredients, we design and handpour natural wax candles and hand finish natural aromatic soaps. Wholesale and Retail opportunities. Enquiries welcome

Thirteen Gems

Melissa - Trabuco Canyon, CA, United States

I make and sell handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. My company is named after my "lucky" number 13, because that is the day my children were both born more than two years apart. I love to make jewelry and I really love to complete custom orders.

Sherina - Richmond, VA, United States

Sherina - Richmond, VA, United States

Handcrafted jewelry by Xabia Jewels offers unique, one of a kind handcrafted designs using a variety of beading techniques and semi-precious gemstones to accent. Each piece is individually designed and inspired by modern and traditional fashion sense. Adding Xabia Jewels to your collection is an easy and inexpensive way to update any wardrobe. Whether you are seeking a unique gemstone necklace and handcrafted earrings to accent that dress for a special occasion or looking to find a unusual gift for that special person in your life, look no further. Pieces can be made to your specifications. For more information and gift ideas please contact us.

Weaving Dreams

Laura - Estero, FL, United States

Full Circle started in Estero in 1982 as a co-op. Each of the 6 members contributed something unique to the shop, from used clothing, hand made items, art, jewelry; their vision was unique, reused and recycled. The store has evolved over the years growing into an internet favorite for locals and out of area shoppers as well. We purchased Full Circle in Jan 08. Our dream includes soliciting input from customers and our Board regarding store merchandise, priorities and values. In general, we have found customers supportive of our carrying Fair Trade, culturally sensitive, unique cards and gifts as well as local and unique jewelry in a web store format. A customer in the store just summed it up, “I’ve been shopping here with Full Circle since it was in the Creamery and now that I am out of state, continue to shop on line. Birthdays, funerals, Christmas, this is where we come for that special card, gift.” Weaving Dreams Corporation is parent company to Full Circle and Laura Nier Photography. Laura has had a dream for years to share her award winning photography with others. We are participating in the strong trend toward use of ‘green’ products in business and industry as awareness of environmental eco friendly strategy achieves broader acceptance. WDC is also increasingly committed to providing access to and information about ‘green’ products in the broader community. WDC is also committed to using eco friendly and fair trade products in the course of business. Featuring fair trade products represents our respectful treatment of artisans; green recycled products represents our respectful treatment of the environment; and moving to a web based store front is reflective of our values for fair trade, and green friendly business operations. Specialized customer service is the keystone to our success with our web based store and our mobile store as we travel the country. Best, Terrie Stewart and Laura Nier


TONI - DAVENPORT, IA, United States

I am a newly opened Catalogue retail order business, selling stering silver jewelry and accessories. I have a great passion for sterling silver jewelry and I would like to share that passion with everyone else.

Trip the Light Fantastic

Judith - Marysville, WA, United States

Trip the Light Fantastic (v. to dance) is an eclectic mix of healing crystals and jewelry that attune the user to high frequency energy for spiritual healing and growth. Usui Reiki (and other non-traditional) attunements available. Customer satisfaction is my guarantee!!

Say Thank You

Laura - Plainfield, IL, United States

Say Thank You is an IL registered reseller specializing in business and personal gifts. We offer promotional and gift items in many price ranges. Items we sell include crystal, holiday gifts, jewelry and apparel. We also offer gift certificate programs for your safety programs, employees or retirees! Say Thank You is a woman-owned business started by Laura Limon. Laura's previous experience includes business strategy and corporate sales. Let Say Thank You make your gifting simple. Just provide us with your budget, quantity and timeline and we will do the rest!

Marketplace Beads

Linda - Pasadena, CA, United States

Hi Arron, I love your idea. I don't accually have a website. I own a Hair Salon in Pasadena,Calif. I've owned the salon for 13 years. I usually sell jewelry that I make by hand as side money. Sometimes I'm too busy to make new stuff so I like to order from you to fill in. If your ever in Pasadena I love to barter hair services for jewelry. That may be a stretch. What I would like, if you can, would be some sort of catolog to show my clients so they could see everything you have and place orders though me. Then I could place larger orders from you. Thanks, Linda Juarros L.A. Beadworks/Shears Hair Salon


kat - Wichita, KS, United States

Who doesn’t love jewelry? The problem is sometimes things that sparkle in our eyes are WAY out of our price range. We started this website for all of us who love the sparkles but without the HIGH prices. Kats Collection is part of the Venator Enterprises family, started in 2005. On shipping labels and invoices you will see this name listed. We pride ourselves on provided specialized stores for the frugal shopper. We created this site in order to spotlight these beautiful pieces of art. We offer beautiful sterling silver and gold jewelry to accent your personality. We have over 4000 different pieces that would make anyone’s eyes shine with delight. Who says beautiful jewelry only brings joy to the person wearing it? Some of our pieces are made by survivors of slavery, which still exists. Other pieces bring much needed funding to Nepal to help build schools, improve health conditions and promote women’s rights. And other beautiful jewelry pieces raise awareness of African extreme poverty areas. Finally, breast cancer awareness jewelry shows you support your fellow sister.

Ann - glenrothes, Fife, United Kingdom

Ann - glenrothes, Fife, United Kingdom

Our business specialises in all things natural and organic , We are holistic herbalists and fertility specialists . We sell natural gemstone and sterling silver jewellery,Wiccan and Pagan and aromatherapy products .

christine's unique vintage boutique

Christine - Colonia, NJ, United States

I just opened my online Vintage, Sterling Silver, Gems and Artist Jewelry, Vintage Handbags, Clothing and Gifts. I am excited about my Store, I designed it myself with the bright and bold graphics. I am a true shopper at heart and want to offer high quality products and reasonable prices for my customers. Some of My Items are very personal and from my own family's estate such as baroque pearls with rubies and coral necklaces. I love to shop and have a hard time listing my items because I want to keep it all! I am in the Fashion Industry and am a Certified Licensed Hairdresser, Work full time for a upscale Clothing Company doing Accounting. I love my items that I sell, and try to pick unique things I come across in my lifetime and hope someone else will enjoy them. I have not made any sales yet and hope to make a sale soon, and get my name out there in the other world of the web.I still have to finalize some of the quirks on my site. But am anxious to start a quality jewelry, gifts and clothing company online business.

Mid Michigan Boxer Rescue

Beth - Mount Morris, MI, United States

We are a 501c3 non profit animal shelter, concentrating on boxers and other bully breed dogs. We want to resell these items to help make money to pay for the dogs care.

Harusami - Denver, CO, United States

Harusami - Denver, CO, United States

Hello! I am Harusami, a spiritual counselor, psychic, energetic healer, web designer and now online shopkeeper. My gift shop, Soul2Soul Treasures, grew out of my Metaphysical, Spiritual site and web magazine Soul2Soul.org. I love finding unique treasures from around the world, especially fair trade items to offer my customers.

Eclectic Ozark Oddities

Virgil - Eureka Springs, AR, United States

We're a family owned business Nestled in the Hills of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Our little town of Eureka Springs is a beautiful epicenter for artists, musicians, actors, dancers, poets, and everything you can imagine for the soul searching for the enamoring elements of LIFE. The economy is meager, but our ambitions are steadfast as we turn our heads from destitution to enjoy the wonders of the nature that surround us. We're a young, strong family eagerly striving for our simple goals of affording our own home and piece of land in this world to plant the seeds and mend the roots of our dreams of children in our arms to enjoy this wonderful world of opportunities, even for the meager. Our artists are conscientious and imaginative in their handmade works as their pride gleams for every Lamp, Clock, Fountain, or wherever their talents lie. Please browse and enjoy these artists worlds and share us with your friends and family.

Faye - Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Faye - Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Beautiful, fun mini Christmas Trees, all colors available and a style for every taste. These make great gifts, centerpieces, home decor, or for small living spaces (boats, apartments, nursing homes, etc.) Do you know anyone in temporary accommodations this Christmas? Will you be invited to someone's home and wish to bring a hostess gift?

Angela M - Heathmere, victoria, Australia

Angela M - Heathmere, victoria, Australia

I am a Natural Therapist, practicing a range of therapies to provide balance and well-being for my clients. I also provide crystals, crystal jewellery and some other lovely products through my website and to my clients.

Kooga's Designs

Leah - Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia

Welcome to Kooga's Designs. I (Leah) am a Lampwork artist and jewellery designer and my husband (Kim)specializers in Glass jewellery, wrought and when he has the time bone carving. We have a small store in the beautiful south west of Western Australia, in the town of Bridgetown which is fast becoming famous for the arts, wines and the blues festival. Our website is just very new but offers a range of our hand crafted designs. Kooga's Designs Is beyond profit. It's now manufacture of pure pleasure and indulgence. It's a modern look at an ancient art. In

Silver Treasures

sarah - Capbell River, British Columbia, Canada

I am very passionate about silver jewellery and beautiful gemstones. I have collected quite alot of pieces through my travels and now that I am married with two beautiful boys I am wanting to bring the beauty of fine pieces to my home to share with my family and friends. This business enables me to stay close to home and do what I love. Wear great jewellery!!

Yours Naturally

M I - Gore, Southland, New Zealand

I am a colour & style consultant and I work from a studio in my home town of Gore, way down south in New Zealand. I help men and women make the most of their natural colouring & features, by wearing their best colours and clothing that balances their body shape, no matter what size. Wholesale Gem Shop's jewelry is really great as there are so many colours, shapes and sizes to balance and enhance any face shape.

Verena Jewelry

Ute Verena - München, na, Germany

I founded Verena Jewelry, an online store for one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted jewelry based in Munich (Germany), in August 2006.

Making beaded jewelry and collecting beads from all over the world has been my passion since my childhood. Extensive stays in different countries have helped me understand the fascinating history of beads. I also support charitable projects buying beads which are made for example in Kenya or Tibet by local artisans.

In my jewelry creations, I like to “combine different worlds” in one piece in order to give it a special, personal and unique energy. As every individual is unique, I want my customers to feel special, have fun, play with new shapes, colors and materials and maybe discover new sides in their own personality. I would be grateful for any comments regarding my website - thank you!

Milkyway Jewelz

Marion - Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand

This is a small family business run by my daughter and myself here in New Zealand. It began as a hobby (I love anything that sparkles), and grew from there. We can supply wholesale (in bulk) or retail (one off items) and are here to take the hassle out of sourcing and importing jewellery. We love supplying quality jewellery at a really good price to bring a little joy into people's lives. :)

Pearls and Scarlett

shona - Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

I started selling all types of Silver Jewellery at the beginning of this year. I was already selling vintage clothes on Ebay and wanted to make my site a one stop shop for women. I look for quality pieces and those which are different and unusual. I work from home and am also full time mum to two boys, oh and I am studying for a degree in Literature as well. Busy Life but great fun.