Wholesale Silver Jewelry Suppliers

I really want my customers to become, and remain, my customers because the fit is good, not just because someone happened to click on a random link somewhere on the web. I also believe very strongly that the products I provide are of exceptional value and are universally appreciated by retail customers the world-over. Please shop around before you make your final decision. Just type "Wholesale Silver Jewelry" into the Google search box below and you will easily see our competitors. I am confident we are the best value in our niche of wholesale sterling silver (925) jewelry with gemstones. And, I ONLY want you to purchase from us if in fact we are a good fit with your business. When you compare, please be sure to evaluate: ease of ordering, natural gemstones (vs. marcasite, cz), quality of images (which is often indicitive of product quality), return policies, minimum order requirements, volume discounts, business ethics (i.e. no child-labor, etc.) and most importantly the level of customer service.

Here are a few of our competitors:


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