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wholesale silver jewelry and wholesale sterling silver jewelry is our specialty! Welcome to Wholesalegemshop.com. My name is Aaron and this is a small family business. Yes, there is a real person here! You can call me anytime to speak to a live human being. We are exclusively a wholesale silver jewelry supplier. We do NOT sell to the general public. All prices on the site are the wholesale prices.

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As you browse our site I hope you note that our focus truly is on quality - from the photographs of the wholesale jewelry, to the content, tips, navigation and ease of checkout. And this quality standard will be reflected in the jewelry you purchase from us as well. We have customers and wholesale jewelry sources all over the world and believe strongly in running an ethical business. I do my best to provide outstanding service and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We source our jewelry very carefully and ensure that there is no child-labor or exploitation involved in the production of our silver jewelry. Please view our feedback page to read what some of our customers think of their business relationship with us.

One of my favorite parts of this job is helping folks get their business off the ground. So please contact me if you need any advice or suggestions if you are getting started. Don't be shy! A few other points of interest: we offer flat rate shipping starting at just $4.99 (USA), $6 (Canada), and $9.99 to Austalia, UK, Europe and most other locations worldwide. There is no minimum order, and you do not need to register in advance to place an order. Please see our new customers page for more answers to frequently asked questions. Thanks for stopping by and please consider wholesalegemshop.com when you choose your next supplier of wholesale jewelry!

Maybe this sounds a little deep from a wholesale sterling silver jewelry website, but this philosophy drives our business and we believe it is important that you be aware of it. We're proud of who we are and the way we do business - that's why we didn't bury this mission statement in some obscure page of our site.

We started WholesaleGemShop.com just before we had our first son, Nathan, in 2000. We decided to start a business that would allow us to spend heaps of time with our family and give us greater flexibility in our lives. While selling wholesale jewellery did not start out as our passion, our children always have been! Now Nathan is almost 14, Max 11 and Quincy is 8. This jewelry business became a manifestation of our values. We laid a strong foundation in terms of business ethics, quality products and customer service. But don't take our word for it; see our customer feedback section. WholesaleGemShop.com is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has had NOT a single complaint in 3 years.

In the past several years we've seen a huge demand for quality wholesale jewelry online. Plus, more folks are interested in starting part-time or full-time businesses, to let them spend more time with their families and pursue their dreams; we now supply and serve thousands of wholesale jewelry customers worldwide (with no retail facility)! Our role is to provide outstanding wholesale silver jewelry products that are affordable to our customers and the end-consumer. We also provide technical support and advice to help our regular customers get established.

Now you know a little about us! So here it is... our no-frills site for quality sterling silver wholesale gemstone jewelry! The prices are affordable; yet the quality is truly awesome! If you are from the United Kingdom, Europe or Australia, you will be happy to know we ship packages of wholesale jewellery to your country almost daily and have been doing so for around 14 years.